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Managing Your IT Technologies!

Services offers various Services

Onsite and remote desktop troubleshooting and support. offers personalized service contracts, designed to fit your company’s specific needs. Charge-outs can be either on an hourly basis, or pre-set monthly costing contracts can be formulated.

Internet & Network support, & security design. Not only will we design an efficient, functional network for you, but we will design a security solution to provide secure communications & data flow within your office or around the world. We are Microsoft Certified and able to support all of the Microsoft suite of server products and applications. The network is typically the greatest source of frustration for business owners. It often seems like nothing is working like it should – the internet is slow, it takes forever to open networked files, e-mail spam is out of control, viruses are rampant, we can’t connect remotely like we are supposed to, we can’t print to a certain printer, the plotter is always off-line, my blackberry is not syncing with my desktop e-mail, etc. etc. etc. Sometimes it just seems like these issues go on and an and on and never get solved! UGH! STRESS! This is where we come in. We can help you put all these issues behind you.

Data Security & Backup Protection. Is your data secure? Most company’s data is not. What would happen if someone broke into you offices and stole your data systems? Or a disgruntled employee deleted your data and your tape backups? Or your office suffered a disaster like a fire? Is your data secure? We can help provide you peace of mind by ensuring that your critical data is securely vaulted offsite.

Hardware and Software Procurement at all levels. From consumables to computer upgrades to printers to full computer systems, can provide you with cost effective corporate and retail solutions, as well as in-house and on-site support.

Experienced Support with many Petroleum Industry based Software packages. We have extensive experience with such programs as Accumap, Geowell, etc.

Corporate Web Design & Graphic Design Marketing. We can design, implement, and maintain a professional web presence for you. As the internet world evolves, mobile internet access requirements continue to grow. We can help you maximize this growing segment as it pertains to your web presence. Click HERE to view images of some of the websites we have developed. Further, we can design and print out your marketing materials as well as create animation videos. Click HERE for marketing examples.