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Managing Your IT Technologies!

Support offers various Services prides itself in providing timely on-site support. As a “Boutique style” network support firm, our first goal is to build a long term relationship with our clients. It is a fact that several of our clients have been in our fold for well over two decades! That’s not a typo – TWO DECADES! We certainly work hard to not only build relationships, but to MAINTAIN relationships too!

This IT Boutique concept means that we are NOT in the business to simply accumulate as many clients as possible. We are not a “quantity” based support firm. Period. Our goal is to achieve a limited number of long term, quality clients. This ensures that we can provide you, the client, with the as much attention as is required to keep your organization’s computers, network, and internet functions working smoothly. Your network operating in a routine and efficient manner will allow your company to perform at optimal levels too.

We also pride ourselves in using cutting edge mobile trouble-shooting technology to help us respond to – and solve – your troubleshooting tickets in a prompt manner. This technology also allows you the opportunity to track the progress of a troubleshooting ticket, so that you are kept “in the loop”. Further, thanks to the development of advanced mobile devices like iPhones and iPads – these troubleshooting notifications that you enter are sent directly to our support staff! This means that our response to your issue can often be instant via remote connection!

Our Staff can assist you with:

  • Basic Onsite and Remote sourced desktop, monitor, printer, scanner and plotter support
  • Software Support – be that general officeware such as Adobe, Microsoft, etc, or industry specific software
  • Local Microsoft Exchange Server and File Server configuration and maintenance
  • Cloud Serving development and Remote desktop connections
  • Security related topics, be that website, Network, Desktop, etc.
  • Website development, security and maintenance is leading the industry in timely, competent, and trustworthy on-site and remote computer, network, and internet support. If you have a moment, please view our “Philosophy” page to read our thoughts and concepts on what sets our company apart!

Additionally, please take a moment to view our “Free Trials” page – we would love the opportunity to show you first hand what our service and support concepts are. Our Free Trials are “No Obligation” based, so really you have nothing to lose!

Please contact us at 587.333.1338 for more information. We would love to hear from you.