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The IT Support Philosophy

Thank you for taking the time to view our various principles and philosophies. Once you do read through them, we think you will agree that we are very interested in creating an excellent, long term relationship with your business.

The TechMgmt Principles

  1. Availability. We provide direct cell phone and e-mail access to your IT Professional and to Management.
  2. Responsiveness. We offer prompt responses to your issue, problem, or inquiry as fitting the seriousness of your situation. This means that prompt returning of messages left and e-mails received as well as cell phones being answered whenever possible. It also means that if the situation requires it, TechMgmt’s IT professionals will work evenings and weekends as required to solve any critical issues arising during these times.
  3. Competency. We pledge that all IT professionals are skilled and competent in the latest IT technologies. They will be presentably attired and act professionally in every sense of the word.
  4. Accountability. Through the use of our Zendesk Client Issue Tracking software, the client is kept abreast of an issues status – from inception, to solution attempts, to solution. This way, the client is completely aware of what stage the problem is at, and which IT professional is in charge of the solution.
  5. Communicability. IT professionals go the extra mile to ensure you know what’s going on. Reps announce their arrival at your offices as well as their departure. If requested, they will also maintain a log sheet of on site time. They will also focus on communicating directly to ensure that you, the client, is aware what is going on, and why.
  6. Future Effective. IT professionals will formulate solutions designed not only to solve your IT issues in the short run, but also with an eye towards the future requirements of your business. Efficient and economical IT development is a goal.

The TechMgmt Boutique Concept

The decade of the 2000’s brought some wonderful innovations to the IT support world. One innovation that was not wonderful, however, was the mass marketing concept of IT marketing and support. Essentially, this Mass Marketing process worked like this: The computer support companies hired whole marketing departments solely to mass call and sign up as many clients as possible. Then they hired many support staff to chase around and support whichever client needed their help that day. This lead to at least two very significant issues.

  1. these large (and getting larger by the day) support companies had so many employees that they had to continually sign up many, many new clients every day simply to meet payroll. This lead to very impersonal relationships with clients.
  2. the IT staff had so many clients to support that many issues fell through the cracks, the IT pro’s had no effective knowledge or personalization with each client, and therefore there was very little actual support – client relationship.

At, we work a little differently. The Client – IT Pro relationship is the absolute key. This means that we actually have client quotas for our staff, and for our company in general. Essentially, we have a set level of clients that we take on, and once that quota level is met, then we have to remove a client before we can add a client. So you see, the client – IT Pro relationship is very important to us. Our goal really is Fewer, Longer Term Clients! As a result of this philosophy, we actually have clients who have been with us for almost TWO decades now!

The TechMgmt Client Management Process

A key component to our Client Management Process is helping you plan for the future. Ever increasingly, IT Management is a key component to your company’s growth and success. understands this. That is why we have developed a program to continually revisit the assessment and planning of your future IT requirements. This means periodical meetings with your management to discuss the condition of the existing IT infrastructure as well as its future requirements. Factors include hardware, server and desktops as well as software requirements. We understand that this is an ever evolving situation.

We help you with decisions like

  1. Should our sales staff be using Ipad’s?
  2. Why are our cell data plans costing us so much money?
  3. Is it safe to allow staff to log in remotely from home?
  4. Can our data be more secure?
  5. Should we be using an industry specific quote or accounting program?

Billing Options is very flexible on how to bill you for our services. We can bill on an hourly rate as services are performed, on a cumulative hourly rate monthly bill, or on a flat rate monthly contract. Contact us directly for more details.